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Why trademark ?

Don't wait until it is too late.

We recommend you to register your trademark as soon as you have chosen an appropriate brand name or design (logo). The process begins with a comprehensive Indian Trademark Search, to make sure that no one else has already applied for or registered the trade mark you wish to use or register.

Finding out that your trademark is already in use is disappointing. But it's also a very good way to avoid a potentially expensive legal action in the future. You do not want to invest substantial sums of money and build a successful business and then learn that you have to change your brand name, your logo, or you slogan. Also, you want to avoid the expense of defending an infringement action or paying out money to someone else because you are using a mark that is confusingly similar to his or her mark.

Protect your Trademark.

A registered trademark allows you to use your mark throughout the country. If a person or an entity uses a confusingly similar mark or trademark to yours, you would have the right to stop their use of the mark. Additionally, by registering your mark, you obtain statutory rights that are not available if you merely use your mark without registration.

The cost for filing an application varies and depends on the number of classes the goods/services fall into. We offer affordable, quality services in protecting your brand name, distinctive design (logo), or tagline.

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