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Trademark Brand Name
Specifically, a trademark is the brand name that appears on your product so that consumers can easily identify your product from those of your competitor. It identifies the goods or services of one person to the exclusion of others. Our highly qualified and experienced trademark consultants will advise you on both the selection of trademarks or brand names and will carry out searches to ensure there is no conflict with earlier trademarks. Registration of your trademark offers you many advantages in protecting your brand from misuse by others. Registration of your mark will also make simpler any infringement proceedings and to notify others of your claim to that mark.
Trademark Logo
The trademark logo is a graphical representation with a logo form of trademark. Trademark logo is a visual representation of a company’s commercial brand. The trademark logo commands recognition, trust, admiration, and loyalty of the customers.

Trademark Logo Registration
Trademark logo registration will prevent others from using, without your consent, a logo similar to yours for the same type of goods and services. Your Logo plays a major role in marketing and your brand recognition. It is therefore essential for you to Protect your logo by preventing misuse by other parties.
We offer Trademark logo registration and business logo registration that suits the client's requirement.
Trademark Name Registration
Registering a trademark name is essential for any entrepreneur and makes sure that your services, products, business names, or logos are unique to your business.
It is essential for you to protect your business name, as misuse of the same of others will jeopardise your business prospects. Registering Business name will help you to prevent others from getting registration for a trademark similar to your business name.
Trade mark Registration Office in India
The trademark registration office in India is the Intellectual Property Office headed by the Controller General of Patents Design and Trademark in the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion. This government body functions under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
Trademark Consultant India
Trade mark Consultants are your partners in protection of your brand names by effective filing and maintenance of your trademarks and its related aspects. The procedure for trade mark registration is a very specialised and technical process, and only a person who is having specific knowledge  and experience in this domain can deal with such queries. While choosing a trade mark consultant, make sure that he has a good knowledge and experience in this field. The help of the trade mark consultant or trademark attorney is needed in trade mark search and in filing of the trade mark. We are also providing services of trade mark consultants, who are experienced and well versed in solving all issues related to trade mark registration.
India Trademark Classification
Trade marks in most countries are classified on the basis internationally recognized Nice agreement. The trademark application should be filed in all the appropriate classes to obtain optimum protection.

Please visit the India Trademark classification page to find out the classes that are relevant to your products or services.



A trademark is any word, symbol, name, or design, or any combination used, or intended to be used, in commerce to identify & distinguish the goods and services of one manufacturer from those of others. In short, a trademark is a brand name, which is connected with a product and producer and helps in building brand equity.
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