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Trademark Watch is a vital part of trademark maintenance and enforcement. Trademark watch is a program that looks for others marks which are similar to those trademarks owned by your business.
Running a trademark watch keeps you informed about potentially conflicting marks that are being filed with the Indian Trademark Office.
Early identification of potentially conflicting marks that are going through the registration process would allow you to put in force your trademark rights and force the denial of an application.

Why is Trademark Watch Service essential to your business?
A trademark watch service is essential as the burden of policing their trademarks falls on trademark owners themselves. They have to ensure that others do not register trademarks that are similar to theirs. Trademark watch services will identify applications for marks that you should consider opposing.
Our India trademark watching service helps uncover potential conflicts involving newly filed trademark applications in India. Trademark watching will detect the conflicting trademark applications, which are published, allowing you to file oppositions in time against third-parties.
Trademark watching is to prevent the registration of new trademarks, which are identical to or very similar to trademarks that may infringe your existing trade marks, or registered trademarks.

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